Monday, August 13, 2012

From Roche Harbor to Poet's Cove and back to Rosario

More sailing highlights....

Roche Harbor - We can't help but to love the cute cheeziness of Roche with its cannon-fire and musical accompaniment to the sunset where we had some very memorable rounds of bocce ball under the old lime kilns that sustained the island back in its day. Mental note to myself...splurge and pay the $2.50 for a warm, three-minute shower at Roche...maybe it won't smell like sewer at the end....

Prevost Harbor - Prevost was long-awaited as it is the home of the car of doom where little boys can chuck rock after rock at this rusty old car. Just up the hill from the car of doom, poor Jason slipped on wet rocks and went down on his hip, taking him out of action for almost the rest of the trip. While anchored here, I was restless and inspired by Isaac's rowing prowess so I set out to practice rowing in hopes that maybe I could some day row like him....I wasn't anywhere close. It took me about eight tries before I could land the dinghy at Marinero's stern.

Poet's Cove, British Columbia - Here we learned that Canada still does not want Jason Taylor entering their country. It's a bummer that the opening-for-Metallica, also-born-in-Georgia, birthday-sharing, trouble-maker, Jason Taylor has tarnished the name.....I guess a search of our boat will always be mandatory whenever we cross into Canadian waters. While waiting on the customs dock we met two guys from Montana who were heading to Skagway, AK in a very tiny was a little reminiscent of the camper van trip.

Rosario - We celebrated Jason's birthday here. Due to hip injury, we abandoned our previous plan to hike up Mount Constitution and opted to rent a car to drive to the top for panoramic views over the islands followed by a quick jaunt to the village of Eastsound.

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