Monday, March 12, 2012

The Night (and Morning) of Owls by Aaron

We've been looking for owls for a long time. In Bozeman, on our second night looking for them in the graveyard on the hill, we saw a Great-Horned Owl fly down out of some  tree, but we didn't see it that well and it was quick and we didn't know where it went. But anyway, this is about the trip. We were staying on Little Talbot Island in Florida,  and on the first night there, we went looking for owls, but didn't find any. But owls were hooing almost all night long. Then, in the morning, when it was almost time to get up, the owls were STILL hooing! So we got up and started looking for them. The first one we thought was a Barred Owl, so we walked toward the sound but didn't find it. But from there we could hear another Great-Horned Owl. So we walked farther until we found a small field with a few large trees in it. The owl sounded like it was in the tree that looked like the largest of them all, but we still couldn't see it even though it was daylight. We went closer to the tree but still couldn't find it. Then we went to the other side of the tree and we saw something up near the top of it. After a few seconds we realized it was moving! It was the owl! We could see the feather-tufts on it's head move when it hooted, and we also saw it's wings move a little bit. We went to the other side of the tree to see if we could see it a little better. We didn't see it until it flew out, which was really cool. We were really happy we finally got to see an owl so well!

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