Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hunting Island, SC

Hunting Island State Park is a lovely four-mile stretch of beach and forest just outside Beaufort, SC, where loggerhead turtles come to lay their eggs during the summer months. I have to say that is a little strange to see Sylvia parked amongst such tropical vegetation where the forest of live oak, palmetto, and slash pines march right down to the beach. The ocean is working its way up the beach to meet the forest with sections of the wooded areas being engulfed by its watery neighbor. Standing graveyards of trees give way to ocean as the land erodes away little by little. The boys loved climbing, bouncing, and swinging on the remains of the forest as we worked our way through toppled trees to the 131 foot light house where we learned about the history and climbed the 167 stairs to the top for beautiful panoramic views. Back at our campsite amongst the trees was a gully that the boys spent hours running obstacle courses back and forth. And as Isaac informed you, we found that the forest was teeming with nocturnal life. 

Click here for photos.

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