Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pika Potty Peril

Pika is a good dog, a little quirky and bitey with special needs, but a good dog nonetheless. Today was the day that we checked into a new apartment. Upon asking the owner, Eduardo, if our very small and well-behaved chihuahua could stay here, he said no, then he called us back and said upon further thought and discussion with his partners, that yes, she could stay here. Eduardo was very kind, met us in the plaza outside the cathedral that the apartment is located across the street from and carried my suitcase up the 83 (thanks Isaac) stairs to our apartment. As he was explaining things about the apartment to us, Pika was wandering around the apartment which made me worried because what if she decided to go to the bathroom? So I called her to me to pick her up. Keep in mind that Pika is a very sensitive dog and feels extremely bad if she ever feels like she is in trouble and her actions involve much groveling accompanied by pottying. When I reached down to pick her up, she began to look worried like maybe she was in trouble, which worried me because I am very much aware of her actions when she feels she is in trouble, but I managed to lift her up without any puddles on the ground. Whew! I thought I was in the clear only to have her start spraying potty all over the floor, an action I have NEVER seen her perform, so my reaction was to squeeze her tiny chihuahua legs together. Luckily, Eduardo was in the process of showing Jason how to use the heater. So what do I do? Here you get a glimpse into my psychology, I hope that you do not judge me too harshly. Do I fess up, beg for forgiveness and beg that he still let us stay I grab a huge wad of toilet paper and clean it up as fast as I can in hopes that nobody noticed and pretend that nothing happened? I chose the latter. In my defense I was just acting in the best interest of my children so that we would not be booted out onto the street without a backup plan. Sorry Eduardo.

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