Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Daddy the Panicked Chicken

Isaac here.

On our last night in the apartment next to the Sé, I was doing what I always did at the apartment biulding... Trying to ambush Daddy. But then I had an idea, an amazing idea! I climbed up the first flight of staires and hid behind the corner. Suddenly, I started doubting my plan. What if he was checking all of the corners and discovered me before I could do something? What if I got clobbered and ended up falling down the stone stairs? I was debating whether or not to go to my normal ambush spot when I saw the reflection of Daddy coming down the stairs in the helpful (if not naughty) window. I stayed were I was, feeling resigned to my fate. Please do not worry. I'm writing this, aren't I? Daddy was now almost around the corner and I readied myself to say boo. Daddy came around the corner and I said "Boo!". And this is what Daddy said,


At the same time he started jumping up and down flapping his arms as if he were a chicken. Even his face looked like a panicked chicken's face. I didn't know that someone so big could flap his arms so fast. But I only got a glimpse of him due to the fact that I was falling headfirst down the stone stairs, jamming my thumb as I did so, for most of the time that he was panicked chickening. Don't worry, Dad didn't clobber me. I got surprised when Dad screamed and stepped right off the stair I was on ( I had totally forgotten about the stairs in all of the excitment.) Afterwards, Dad was telling me that he was looking around every corner but didn't think that I would be hiding there, so he didn't look behind the last corner and was bending down to tell Aaron his plan, which he was going to say loud enough for me to hear, yet quiet enough to make me think he hadn't meant to do so, then he was going to use a different plan entirely.


Isaac: What did you think about this post?

Daddy: I laughed so hard it made me cry.

Isaac: What did you think was happening when it happened?

Mommy: I don't want to sound unsympathetic to the people who were experiencing sheer terror.......but I was thinking the poor neighbors were despising the American renters and that perhaps the American renters should keep it down.

Isaac: What were you thinking when daddy turned into a panicked chicken?


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  1. This is pretty funny. I am glad nobody got hurt too badly. I wonder why Jason was flapping his arms?