Thursday, December 8, 2016

Sidney Spit

Oh man, I am so very far behind. I swear I will finish blogging this trip someday.

After we left the big city we dropped the hook at Sidney Spit where we were treated to some seriously gorgeous evening light and an equally beautiful sunset.

On our first morning there I packed a lunch of pancake sandwiches and we paddled into shore. After checking out the brick beach, the sun finally broke through and we planted ourselves in a sunny, grassy meadow for a little yoga and relaxation while Jason took a meeting. It felt epically good to relax in the sunshine.

After Jason's meeting was done we continued around the island back to the beach where we waded through water as parts of the spit slowly disappeared under the rising tide. Back on the boat we spent cousin Emma's last evening on the boat enjoying yet another spectacular sunset.

The following morning we pulled up anchor and headed across the way to Sidney where we hugged Emma good-bye and sadly watched as a cab whisked her to the airport. We spent the rest of the day in Sidney getting ready for our next guest, Grandpa Sam, to arrive in the evening.

Click here for photos.

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