Thursday, November 19, 2015

Huzzah! Boston Tea Party!

While Jason spent the week in the office, the boys and I kept busy wandering the streets and exploring the streets of Boston. We were staying in South Boston so we established a much-loved routine of walking the chihuahua in the morning to our favorite bakery, Flour, where we grabbed a delicious baked good and chai tea along with a sandwich to-go for later in the day. I am not ashamed to say that sometimes we found ourselves there two or three times a day.

Our first day started out lazily with much indecision. After much debate over Flour baked goods we finally settled on a visit to the Boston Children's Museum where we have many cherished memories from when the kids were much, much littler. Aaron bee-lined to the ball room where we had spent many happy hours. While Aaron rounded up balls and deposited them on the many ramps around the room, Isaac balls...with lots of itty, bitty people running around. Happily, he was very careful and conscientious and no injuries occurred.

Next, we decided to head across the bridge into the city. As we crossed the bridge, we got sidetracked when I noticed that the Boston Tea Party Museum was not-at-all busy so we bought tickets and slipped into the next tour. The experience at this museum was really fun. It was an interactive play with engaging actors. We got to take part in the meeting that led up to the famous Boston Tea Party with plenty of booing and hissing and foot stamping and huzzahing. Isaac even got a speaking part. He stood up and delivered his lines with authority and conviction. Huzzah! Then we toured through the ship and learned about the historical events that led up to the revolution. At the end we were whipped up into a righteous fervor and, in an act of rebellion, threw tea overboard, over and over again. Huzzah! We finished our time on the boat in the Tea Room where we played era-appropriate games. The first was a game that had been scratched into the bottom of the only remaining original tea crate. The second, was the Game of Goose, which we first thought was really dumb but turned out to be hilarious as we were sent back to start over and over again.

After Jason returned from work we went to a Mexican restaurant where we ordered a special that allowed one of us to compete in a piñata-hitting contest while wearing, drunk goggles. Hands-down, our Viking son Isaac was the man for this job. When the time came he stepped up with two late-middle-aged men who each made (forgive me for saying this) somewhat pathetic attempts at hitting the piñata. Viking Isaac donned the drunk goggles and picked up his piñata beating stick. After some calculation he swung one mighty blow that almost knocked the piñata's head clean off its body. Sadly this did not count so he didn't win the grand prize of a free entree. With the piñata hanging by a mere thread one of the other contestants managed to connect and took that honor, though with much guilt. He kept saying that Isaac should get it. Isaac walked away with, what every proud mother of a teenage boy would want, a hat that says Tequila 1800 on one side with a skull on the other....maybe it's a warning beacon of what happens if you drink too much?

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  1. So nice to share these trips through your wonderful pictures