Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Clarke Island

I forgot to mention how insanely pretty it was sailing through Barkley Sound's Broken Group. We felt like a ghost ship sailing in and out of banks of fog, watching islands appear and then disappear into the mist. We anchored near Clarke Island, a sea kayaker's paradise, and paddled to shore through some of the most beautiful water ever. I kept having to pinch was so hard to believe that it was possible to be in such a gorgeous setting. It just doesn't seem like it could get any better...dreamy Caribbean-like water over white sand with stunning mountains as a backdrop. Sheesh! Ridiculously, for lack of a better word, gorgeous. On shore we walked through old-growth forest to more beautiful beaches. We saw a little cross-bill bird, totally unafraid of us, go about his business of working seeds out of a pine cone and itty bitty island deer along the way.

Back on the boat we felt like we were on the edge of world as we watched waves roll in from the open ocean. Marinero rocked and rolled in the wind and waves of the unprotected anchorage. I wasn't happy with the catch of the anchor when we first arrived so we pulled it up and moved a little closer in towards shore in hopes of taming the motion of the boat a little. This time we had a solid catch in sand (instead of hopping around on rocks) but no such luck with calming the motion. There was another boat anchored nearby that appeared to have a force field of calmness around it. We need to see if we can have that feature installed on our boat.

Click here for photos.

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