Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Happy 15th Birthday Isaac!

When I really think about it, it really is a strange transition to go from the camper van in the desert to life on the boat. They're about as opposite as you can get but somehow we all settled in without skipping a beat. We spent our time in Seattle catching up on school and visiting favorite haunts and restaurants. We enjoyed a couple of evening sails after Jason got off work and even squeezed an overnight to Blake Island. We had lovely wind both to and from the island and since we didn't have long distances to cover, we had a chance to work on our light wind sailing skills a bit. We also celebrated Isaac's birthday on the boat, third year running on Marinero (fourth year on a boat, if you include the Bermuda 40 we chartered in Maine four years ago). Isaac being a board game junkie, we celebrated the day playing crazy board games (such as Paths of Glory) on the boat. We emerged in the evening for dinner at a Thai restaurant before snuggling back into the boat where we sung happy birthday and then enjoyed a decadent chocolate pot o' cream I had made the day earlier. Happy birthday Isaac! I'm so happy both boys got their birthday wish locations and that we have such a flexible lifestyle that allows for such big changes in scenery in the eleven days between their birthdays. After ten days in Seattle we climbed back onto an airplane and flew to Salt Lake City where Sylvia and the rest of our road trip awaited us.

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