Monday, June 16, 2014

Following the Footsteps of Capi

The Curve of Time by M. Wylie Blanchett (Capi) is our constant companion on our excursions up the BC coast. In the 1920's Capi spent summers on her 24 foot boat, Caprice, with her five kids (and sometimes a dog) exploring the waters of  BC. We love reading about the places we are exploring and seeing them through her eyes and we love following her wake through these waterways. Her chapter on Princess Louisa was fresh in our brains and we spent time trying to figure out where she had anchored. On the Trapper's Cabin hike we could imagine following her and her brood up the mountain as we walked on the same skid road she had described in her book. We devoted our last day at Princess Louisa looking for the waterfall pools they had bathed in. We met success when we pulled our kayaks up onto a little beach where a waterfall tumbled out. We pushed our way through the bushes and found water rushing down granite. There we spotted what they called Big Wash, Big Rinse and Little Rinse where Blanchett and her family had bathed and washed their clothes. The water was running too fast and high so we couldn't climb in, but climbing higher we found some small warm-water pools where Aaron and Pika took a bath and I rinsed my hair with fresh water. It was a glorious spot and Aaron declared that it was paradise and this is where he wants to spend his birthday in the fall. We stayed and played as long as our hungry tummies allowed and then reluctantly climbed back into the kayaks to paddle back to the boat. During our paddle we watched a dozen curious seals watch us and schools of thousands of tiny fish below. We watched an eagle hunt fish along with our seal friends. Did I already mention that this place is paradise?

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