Tuesday, September 3, 2013

At home in Ballard

After a lovely weekend in the Cascades we settled back into the boat in Ballard. Jason spent the week in the office and, being afraid to drive in Seattle with one arm, the boys and I hung out in Ballard. We spent our time at the park and beach. We frequented our favorite French bakery where we gobbled decadent French treats. We stopped in at our favorite sword store where our questions about Sting from Lord of the Rings were met with an opportunity to hold the coveted sword and to wear its sheath, ready for any attacks by orcs. It was a dream come true for Aaron. We discovered a board game store that became a fast favorite where we demoed games over dinner or coffee in its hip cafe next door. We visited it time and time again. Isaac was in board game geek heaven. On Friday, I visited the orthopedist and had awful-cast-number-two removed as I graduated to a brace. I was in heaven. It was glorious to have blood flow restored to my hand. On Saturday we attended the highly anticipated Viking Days at the Nordic Heritage Museum where Isaac came home to his roots in a good old fashioned Viking battle. Grandpa Sam arrived post battle to join us for the start of our sailing adventure. Sunday we visited Camlin Medieval Village where the kids partook in medieval activities with the highlight, of course, being the sword fighting. We watched a demonstration between two armored knights and then practiced the medieval moves with the hour of instruction that followed. When the lesson was through the knights spent another twenty minutes with the boys and Jason helping them hone their newly-found knightly skills.

Click here for photos.

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