Friday, September 21, 2012

Tribune Bay

We managed to slip across the border into BC at Poet's Cove without any of the mistaken-identity hassles of the past thanks to the last border patrol officer putting a note into our file. After ten hours of travel, we spent the night in Nanaimo. The next day was spent finding a way to connect Jason to work while in Canada, giving us a very late start.  This forced a change in plans for our destination for the evening and altered the course of our trip. We landed in French Creek that night so we decided to take a more direct route the next day, opting to skip Pender Harbor and head to Tribune Bay where we could enjoy some land time instead. The reviews for Tribune Bay were average so we weren't expecting much, but it turned out so much better than we could have imagined. When we anchored, there was a sailboat with an old WWII seaplane, a Widgeon, tied behind it as if it were a dinghy. Later it took off right over our boat and then circled around to buzz low over the bay again, we all worried it was going to hit our mast. After rowing to shore we looked back at Marinero from the big, sandy beach and were surprised at how similar the water looked to the Carribean except there were big craggy mountains in the background. As we played on the beach we stumbled upon a huge, dragon rock which the boys heroically dueled with. Isaac decided that dueling with a dragon wasn't enough excitement for the day so he gave log-surfing a try. Here, sadly, is where his dryness ended as log-surfing is tricky and he went in....with a big splash....and the sound of laughter from his family ringing in his ears.

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