Monday, April 2, 2012

Sanibel, FL

Sanibel is famous for its seashell-irrific shores. After our original campground plans didn't work out, we decided last minute to stay in a cottage by the water. We arrived just in time to watch the sunset over piles and piles of seashells on the beach. The following day, after taking a walk, gathering a few shells, playing some shuffleboard, and catching up on school and work, we rented ill-fitting, wonky, wobbly bicycles and rode around the island. My body was so happy to be back on a bike again and I felt so spoiled to be able to ride around in just a skirt and bikini top as we peddled through the Ding Darling National Wildlife Preserve before parking our bikes for dinner at an outdoor restaurant created by some author based on some manly character in his Florida/International, manly marine/travel adventures, or something along those manly lines. 

Photos here.

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