Friday, April 22, 2011

Feeling arfy

Captain Bob must have been suffering from insanity today. He wanted me at the helm to motor us out of this uber-shallow bay. Luckily, since we weren't under sail, I did not drive like a drunken sailor and steered us out without hitting bottom. Whew! In the safety of deeper waters, Jason and I attempted to set sail, but winds were quite tempermental today and with very light winds we slowly sailed at a broad reach towards Marina Kay to refill our water. While refilling water we were in the middle of a squall with winds gusting up to 27 knots. When we left, wind was almost non-existent and we had to motor to our next destination through four foot swells, which in the grand scheme of things are not very big, but to landlubbers like us who are not used to them, felt quite big, and I was feeling very green and arfy. Upon arrival at Little Jost, a quiet, secluded cove that is home to many sea turtles, the weather cleared up and so did my desire to empty my stomach.

Click here for photos.

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  1. On a sailboat it would seem there might be both a great sense of freedom and also one of captivity.