Monday, February 14, 2011


On a day that was not supposed to be quite so rainy and cold, but turned out to be much more rainy and cold than we anticipated (except for sunny breaks when we were in cafés eating lunch or drinking a hot beverage), we decided to go to Monserrate Palace which is supposed to have the most splendid gardens of all. After walking through several downpours and braving a foggy-windowed taxi ride on an impossibly narrow road, we arrived at our destination. Following the path, we wandered past huge aloe-like plants, waterfalls, exotic trees and ferns, birds of paradise flowers, and a romantic ruin of an old chapel where an epic palm tree branch battle took place between Isaac and Jason. I shudder when I think of the details, so I will spare you. After slogging through the mud to the palace we entered to see a work in progress. With the outside looking pristine after restoration, a large portion of the inside was heavily damaged by water and time and has been closed to the public. As we walked through, it was interesting to see a few of the rooms in disrepair with before and after examples, allowing us a glimpse into the very labor intensive restoration process.

Click here for photos.

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